I had a large remodeling project done by Stephen Hann of Hann Builders two years ago, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. The scope of the project required months of work and participation by all the various trades. Stephen checked with me regularly. The foreman of the crew was very good natured and kept things running smoothly. The quality of the work was excellent.The project came in on budget, except where I made changes. Much of the work was done when I was out of town and that went well also. I toured other projects of his before deciding to go forward with my own. All those clients happily gave me references. Now that my job is complete, I have to agree with them! Stephen Hann and Hann Builders have earned the excellent reputation they enjoy. He certainly has earned my respect.

Marion C. Mitchell


One of the reasons we selected Hann Builders was the flexibility for us, the homeowners, to control the building process. It became apparent to us early in the selection process that Hann remains as one of the very few truly custom builders.
Hann creates an atmosphere where, from design to finish, you make the decisions, while getting the__ years of home building experience the Company brings. Their philosophy, embraced by Stephen himself, allowed us to get the best of both the design and build worlds.

Wes & Susan Colwell


The Crain Family, Home Buyers We are VERY proud of our home. The two things we liked most about working with Hann Builders was their willingness to sit down and work with us on estimates and most importantly their field supervision. If we had it to do over again we would insist on this. We also appreciated the after-service follow through. Steven & Barbara Crain
This was an enjoyable experience. As a home builder for 10 years I know the hardest challenge is to get the homeowner what they want from what is possible. We had the typical problems however Stephen was always able to set them right. He did a great job of setting expectations and then delivering on those expectations. The intellect of the company is to give the customers what they want. Unlike production builders who will customize a stock plan Hann builds a truly custom home from the ground up. In the long run I saved money and got exactly what I wanted instead of spending more for a modified builder’s plan. I tell all my friends the advantages of going with Hann Builders anytime they are looking for a true custom builder.

John & Wendy

The attention to detail was incredible! From first sketches to final cleaning everything was beautifully executed. Of course our most pleasant surprise was that things cost what we were told they would. That’s a big bonus in today’s world!

I love and respect the craftsmanship of Hann Builders. My only complaint is I can’t get the silly grin off my face every time I’m at home. Stephen Hann is a great guy and never promised me anything he couldn’t deliver. People like that are hard to find.

Hann Builders and their entire staff was Wonderful! Whenever our friends are looking to build their homes, we refer them to Stephen. Hann gets the highest grades for honesty and integrity and they sure have mastered the art of customer service. If we ever decide to build again we are using Hann Builders.

Our home is beautiful! It is truly a custom product built with great attention to detail and integrity. We had heard other people’s horror stories about building and remodeling and so we were very hesitant to go the custom route. But now there are no regrets, AND when we tell our story it’s one about dreams coming true. Thank you Hann Builders!

We were both pleased with Stephen Hann’s consummate professionalism. He always showed us immediate attention and took exceeding care to implement our decisions. He can be flexible and patient while keeping his eye on the cost effectiveness and excellence of the project.

Your attention to detail, sincere interest in seeing to our total satisfaction, and ability to adjust the schedule to meet our needs went way beyond our expectations. We aren’t quite ready yet, but if we ever get crazy enough to remodel again, you will be our first choice to do the job