As the #1 custom home builder in Houston, Hann Builders has been proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1993. Creating beautiful, custom homes that reflect timeless architecture, Hann Builders has become renowned and synonymous with quality, prestige, and stability.

Custom Home Builders Houston


The attention to detail was incredible! From first sketches to final cleaning everything was beautifully executed. That’s a big bonus in today’s world!

Hann Builders and their entire staff was Wonderful! Whenever our friends are looking to build their homes, we refer them to Hann Builders.

Our home is beautiful! It is truly a custom product built with great attention to detail and integrity. Thank you Hann Builders!

When you want a second to none, truly luxury custom home – look no further than Hann Builders to get the job done.  Here at Hann Builders, we have been building custom homes in the Houston area for 23 years and in that time we have become known as the most prestigious custom home builders in the area.  Our homes are unique, luxurious, modern, timeless, and of course- custom.  We always offer the highest quality materials and the highest end of technologies.  When put together with the craftsmanship we are known for, you’re sure to be pleased with your elegant, timeless, and custom home.

Innovative Custom Home Design

We love designing homes, and even more we love designing homes that are innovative, and that possess the highest of quality and craftsmanship. We offer custom designs for your home that will honor and respect your preference, taste, and style.  We believe each custom home should be a reflection of you as the home owner.  Whether you want a more timeless tradition home, a modern home, or a little bit of both- we will design your home exactly how you envision.  We know you have a dream, and vision on what you want your custom home to look like – we are here to make that a reality.

Our homes are truly unique and custom to the home owner. We pay great attention to detail by running our business and building practices with integrity, honesty, and hard work. You won’t find that we skipped corners, or used the cheapest materials we could find because we want things done right the first time. Our attention to detail and high quality work, your custom home will have character, charm, personality, and last until the end of time!

Free Initial Meeting

Every client that builds a custom home with us, will get personalized, individual attention throughout the entire home building process.  We will listen to everything you need, want, or envision but can’t quite express.  We make building your custom home easy, effortless, and even fun!  Your first design meeting with us is always free with zero obligation!  We want you to have the freedom to really look around, research and pick the custom home building company that fits your needs best.  We are sure once you meet with us, you won’t be disappointed!  Call today for your free custom home consultation where we can talk about your dream home becoming a reality!

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Designing Your Custom Home with Hann Builders

We are always 100 percent committed to proving an excellent design experience where we mix passion and expertise. We will take the time to listen to your needs, wants, dreams, and ideas and design with you a custom home that is energy efficient, beautiful and yours!  We know that cost is always the top concern when building your custom home, so that’s why we listen to what you want but also what your budget is and work within those realms.

Our goal is to give you and your home the personal attention deserved when designing, building, and finishing your custom home.  Our work is durable and some of the best craftsmanship you’ll find in Houston and the surrounding areas. We take pride in building homes that will not only make the homeowners proud and satisfied, but also the future homeowners decades down the road.  We build homes that are timeless and that last for generations to come!  We know that our homes will last a life time, but also our relationship with our clients and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Custom Home Designs that are Award – Winning

Hann Builders in Houston is proud to be a member of the Great Houston Builders Association, as well as the Texas Association of Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders.  Stephan Hann, the founder of Hann Builders, has been recognized by his peers with numerous awards and accolades.  We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of his company!  Recently- Hann was awarded the Custom Builder of the Year on 2007-2008 from the National Association of Home Builders.

You simply do not win awards by cutting corners and doing poor work.  Our homes are the best quality, and build with the best craftsmanship around.  We know you won’t be disappointed when you choose us to build your Houston area custom home!

Design AND Build

Here at Hann Builders we know that it’s incredibly overwhelming to not only have your home custom designed, but then to have to go find someone that will build that for you.  Most design firms simply do the design – and then you’re left to find another contractor to build the home, or have them hire out a third party.  We don’t think it needs to be that complicated – so we design your custom Houston home, and we will build it too. Yes – you read that right, that’s one contract for you to sign!

You will have one team overseeing every aspect of your custom home being built and we’re a team that knows how to work together and how to to build you that dream home you’ve always wanted.  We think this way of design and building custom homes makes much more sense, and think you will to!

For one contract, and one team to design and build your home – call Hann Builders today.

Remodeling the Higher End

Sometimes you don’t just want a completely new home – but you do want to remodel the one you have, and you want to really make it more custom and up to date. We are experienced in transforming any home into your dream home- all over again.  We understand that times change, needs change, and trends change…and sometimes it’s just time to do away with the 1980’s or even early 90’s but not do away with where you’re at or the home itself.  That’s why we love providing the solution of custom remodeling!  We can transform any room, and any house.

Master Bedroom Remodeling

Did the 1990’s call and want their sunflower wallpaper back? The master bedroom is where you go, after a long day, to retreat and exhale.  You want to feel like it’s a dream, and a special, safe place that’s just for you.  That one place in the world where you can let your hair down, read that book, and just be.  This room should reflect your personal style, be comfortable, and also be functional and organized.   If your master bedroom could use a perk up and remodel- let us come in to design and remodel it so it can become the master bedroom you’ve been dreaming about!

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

When you walk into your bathroom you should feel like you’re walking into your own private spa, full of the amenities and style you love.  Gone are the days where a bathroom has only two purposes- and in are the days where the bathroom can become your escape and a place to rejuvenate!  Our bathroom remodels have the highest end materials and can range from trendy and modern to classic and traditional.  No matter what style you prefer, you’ll simply never want to leave your bathroom after we’ve remodeled it!

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

More than ever the kitchen is the center of the home- and far more than just where the food is prepared.  It’s where the kids do their homework, where the party guests gather, where you bring in all the veggies from your garden, and where you sit and scroll on Pinterest as you dream of a more functional, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home- it should look like that and reflect it.

Not only is it crucial that your kitchen be functional- but it should also be easy to clean and easy to organize.  There are so many high end features for kitchens now that integrate style and technology so not only make your kitchen beautiful- but to make it work for you and how you function!  We are committed to listening to how you function in your kitchen- so we can offer you the best kitchen remodel to fit your needs and wants!

Designing, Building, and Remodeling

We are proud to offer homeowners of Houston our personalized design service, our building services, and our remodeling services.  No matter your custom home needs are – we are the place for you! Remember, we’ve been building and remodeling custom homes since 1993! We have a lot of experience and have earned the trust of our clients and the companies that we work alongside.

Do you want one of those infinity tubs?  Or the shower with numerous shower heads and gorgeous tile? What about a kitchen with a place for everything and the highest quality marble countertops?  Or a floor plan specialized for how you live life, and how you and your family function? No more accommodating to how the home already was- but designing your custom floor plan and home to accommodate you?  That’s what we do here at Hann Builders – we listen to your needs and how your family is unique- and we make your home work for you, not against you.  Everything should be right where you need and want it- not where you had to put it because it was your only choice.  Bring all your ideas and dreams to our designers, and they’ll bring them all to life.

Our designers and builders are some of the best in Houston – and are full of experience and skill.  If you can dream it up and envision it- they can make it happen!  We are passionate about everything you are passionate about- so we want to incorporate that into your custom home or custom remodel.  Call us today for your initial meeting with us- and remember, it’s always free with no obligation.

Making custom homes your reality

When it comes to custom homes in Houston – many people think they simply don’t have the budget for it or it’s just too far out of reach. Here at Hann Builders, we understand and realize that not one budget is the same- and it’s our job to respect the monetary budget you are within. That’s why our designers are not just skilled at designing, but skilled at designing what you want and within your budget.  There are so many options out there that can cut costs but not quality- and our designers know them all!  Whether it’s picking a different light fixture, or simply changing the floor plan – small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to budget.

When you work with our designers- you will receive that personal attention to detail and budget every time.  Our designers are masters at making your dream a reality, and within the budget you have.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more, schedule your initial visit so you can gather more information- and remember, it’s always free.  Don’t let your budget scare you – call now and we’ll get talking!

About Stephen Hann

Stephen Hann, President and founder of Hann Builders graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio in 1980 with degrees in both Business Administration and Construction Management. He started his professional career in commercial building, managing the construction of several multi-million dollar projects on the Houston skyline.

In 1988, he joined Carmichael & Dame, one of he leading luxury home builders in the Houston market. By the time he left in 1993, Stephen was the Director of Operations, overseeing $14 million in luxury home projects annually.

Starting his own company in 1993, Stephen quickly established a reputation as one of the premier high-end home builders and renovators in Houston and the surrounding areas of Montgomery and Fort Bend counties

Honored with both the National Association of Home Builders and Greater Houston Builders Association’s (GHBA) Custom Builder of the Year Award, he is also the only recipient of both of the GHBA’s renovator of the Year and Custom Builder of the Year Awards. Hann Builders is recognized as a past recipient of the national Pacesetter Award for Exceptional Customer Service as well.

Stephen is an active (and founding) member of the Custom Builders Council and the NAHB Builder 20 Clubs and serves on the Custom Builders Committee for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Stephen has been a speaker at the NAHB Conventions in Houston and Dallas, the Custom Builder Symposium seminar and The Remodelers Show in Chicago and in Detroit. He has received the Certified Graduate Remodeler designation, and is a Graduate Master Builder and Graduate Master Remodeler.